you are here neon signI am here.

It’s where I am.

And it’s okay.

In fact, it’s more than okay. The reason why stopping long enough to look around, get my bearings and take a breath means so much at this point is because just over a year ago I took a leap of faith.

I left my corporate events job to focus on my writing. At the time, the main goal was to work within school hours so I could spend more time with my children, one of which was due to start school the following year.

At the time I had no idea what area of writing I wanted to focus on – I grabbed at it all. It was like one of those big fancypants balloons full of confetti popped above my head and I put my hand out and caught whatever confetti I could.

I blogged for businesses, wrote newsletters, business e-books and brochures for clients. I managed a number of social media platforms for various companies. Sure, it was about getting money in the bank account. But it was also about learning as much as I could about writing and also making contacts.

At the same time I was travelling a personal journey. Those who I am close to know that the person I was a few years ago has been stripped back. Stripped right back to her cottontails. The facade has dropped. The paint has peeled. The darkness has been owned.

I began to understand that I am the Owner/Operator of me. I worked hard on living in the moment, grasped any sort of knowledge I could that would free my soul. I am absolutely positive I single-handedly kept the self-help industry afloat last year.

You’re welcome Oprah, Marianne, Gabby and Deepak.

I connected with like-minded people. I listened to warriors of the world. I read words of truth that kicked me in the guts.

I let go of contrite.

I let go of judgement (actually, to be honest, I’m still working on that one).

I let go of control.

And the weirdest thing happened. Instead of me controlling my writing, my writing began to control me.

Client relationships evolved with amicable partings. Yes, we parted ways but I describe it as evolving as each time it was done with good will and recognition that our time together was done. Both parties had grown and learned from each other as the universe required us to part and set us on our merry way…with a wave and a smile and a contented heart.

Space appeared for the writing that is within me.

The novel that lives inside is starting to stir. She’s still a little sleepy but she’s rubbing her eyes, sitting up and blinking.

A life as a travel writer – my lifelong ambition – is becoming a reality as I capitalise on some incredible opportunities I’ve had to travel already this year (Cook Islands, Tasmania, Fiji and China) and the big one next year – Iceland – with published articles.

So in this space there will be more personal blog posts as I write about life and a life of writing. There will be less B2B work as I shift my focus to freelance work writing travel, parenting and general interest articles for various publications. The cork will be popped as I focus on getting that bubbling novel out of my head and onto a computer (backed up 254 times, of course). And another creative project is brewing where seeds have been planted and new project adrenalin has kicked in.

The gypsy within is content.

The writer within is full of ideas.

The creator within is well…creating.

The life force within is humming.

So this is where I am.

And yet it won’t be for very long.

And that’s more than okay.

Because change is as good as a holiday. And I like change. And I like holidays.

And I sure as hell like writing about them.

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