HulkThese past few years I’ve gone through somewhat of a transformation. Stressed out and angry (and not knowing why) to a whole lot calmer (it’s a work in progress trust me) and taking steps each day to move towards my purpose and the things that I really love to do – which is write, travel and hang out with my family and friends.

And I haven’t written about it here because…..don’t know why, actually. Probably wasn’t ready. Probably was still comfortable keeping that facade I had up nice and fuzzy, never cleaning it so people could peer in and see what was really going on.

But I’m done with that. I write. My words can appear on a screen. If those words can help another angry, stressed out person getting life shocks chucked at them left, right and centre, then that’s good, right?


So this year not only will I be sharing writing wins, woes and worries on the blog but I’ll share more around my own self-development – don’t say it, don’t do it, don’t use the J word!!! – journey. Oh shit. I did it. I used the J word. Sorry.

I am a Biggest Loser episode (which I am fascinated with, by the way).

For today, I want to share one of the little exercises I use to bring me back to a level of calm. To re-centre when life goes haywire – because let’s face it, life will continue to go haywire. That’s it’s job. Your job is to manage your reactions and look for the good stuff.

So I sit quietly somewhere – the other day, I did this on a park bench as the sun was setting and the breeze was dancing around me and it was goooooooood.

Then I just breathe in and out for a while – breathing is very important for you know, staying alive and all.

I usually start with a 4 count belly breath in, hold for 4 and then release for 4 and do that a few times. I can normally feel my heart rate settle a little and everything slow down a bit. Not so much that I’ll fall off my park bench and go into an inner peace coma, but enough to bring my awareness back to me and not the Milo can that spilt on the floor just before I left for my walk and daily soul re-alignment.

And then as I breathe in and out, I recite this in time with my breathing. When I’m outside in public, I recite it in my head. It doesn’t matter what order I do it in. I remember a few key words and off I go.

“In with love
Out with hate

In with peace
Out with conflict

In with hope
Out with doubt

In with positivity
Out with negativity

In with action
Out with procrastination

In with adventure
Out with mediocre

In with calm
Out with turmoil

In with happiness
Out with sadness

In with strength
Out with blame

In with honesty
Out with facades

In with Source
Out with Ego”


There! Just like that! And if I’m feeling particularly out of sorts, I’ll follow it up by listening to The Honest Guys positive affirmations on you tube. Click here to have a listen.

Give it a go, see how it works for you and I look forward to sharing some more about my – don’t do it, don’t say it!!! – journey.

Sorry. Used the J Word again 🙂

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